Passion Projects: Your Creative Freedom Matters


What is a passion project?

My definition of a passion project is doing something that you enjoy that gives you creative freedom and an opportunity to use your natural gifts and talents.

From my own personal experience, passion projects have helped to hone my creativity in so many ways. I had a friend recently tell me, "I am not creative." I was appalled and disappointed by this statement. If anyone knows me, I believe that EVERYONE is creative. Creativity is not limited to artistic or design abilities, it is using your God-Given gifts to explore and imagine new possibilities, new ideas, and new opportunities to inspire someone or something. Imagination doesn't begin with Disney nor end with Childhood. It follows us through life and sometimes helps us make that tough decision when there's a fork in the road to success.  So why does it Matter to your life?

It develops your personal brand.

Spending time developing your personal brand is crucial especially if you've decided to share your creativity with corporate America. How many of us have gotten swept up into a career that isn't conducive to our need to feel impactful and valuable? When you understand who you are and perform a personal SWOT analysis, then you can be prepared to shine where ever you choose. Taking time to do personal projects, provide opportunities to explore your talents, your strengths, and even your tolerance level for people. It's an opportunity for self-evaluation and self-development. You're also doing something you love, so your confidence level rises and your brand has a clear identity.

It's a form of self-care. 

The daily pressures of pleasing managers, meeting unrealistic deadlines and engaging customers can become toiling. This can cause serious anxiety and stress. A recent report produced by the American Institute of Stress, states that 80% of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress and 42% say their coworkers need such help. Having the freedom to explore your passion without an obligation to someone, other than yourself can be relaxing and reduce stress. I'm not saying that passion projects don't have obligations, but it's your choice to make. Choosing to knit quilts to donate to a nonprofit requires a different responsibility than choosing to host a knitting party with friends and co-workers so that you can donate 50 quilts that you've promised to a non-profit. One may require more obligation and responsibility than the other. The good thing is that it's YOUR CHOICE TO MAKE. If it brings you joy and feeds your soul to help someone in need than you're winning. Just be sure to do it with ease and a smile, so that it remains enjoyable and not a chore. To me, that's self-care. Exploring and doing the things that bring your life joy and value is caring for yourself, because who's going to love and appreciate your gifts more than you? Simply one.

It can change someone's life.

You are an influencer. You have got to believe that. Sharing your gift is meaningful content to someone. People want to learn new things, be inspired, and find the new obsession that can take them away from life's daily issues. You don't have to be a best-selling author to start your passion project as a fashion blogger. Someone cares about your opinion, someone needs to feel more confident about their appearance. Designing vintage home furniture and sharing your process on Instagram can help someone who may have financial woes and need to learn ways to do it themselves. Don't just think about you. Think about the lives that can be transformed because you shared your gift and passions with someone. I recently designed a digital image that read, "Don't Quit, Reposition Yourself" and posted it on my Instagram, simply because I love designing. It took me less than an hour to create it, but someone commented and said "I really needed that today." For me, that one person meant a lot to me. Knowing that my little passion project of creating digital images can actually impact someone's life's decisions makes it that much more important to keep doing it. 

Below are a few photos of my husband and I working on one of our passion projects, Furniture Making!


So what's your passion project? How has it changed your life or someone else's?

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