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Have you heard of Kenyatta Scott?!? If not, then today you are in for a treat. I had the honor of interviewing this renaissance woman and an all-around, phenomenal human being. She's a child advocate, author, national motivational speaker, and a self-care expert. Kenyatta has been featured on various tv and radio outlets and networks; inspiring and empowering people in their journey towards living their best lives by way of discovering their purpose. Enjoy! 

Lindrea: Kenyatta, you are definitely a renaissance woman. How do you stay connected to your audiences while still pursuing your career goals?

Kenyatta: Well, first of all, thank you so much for that amazing compliment. I am both humbled and honored. I think social media really helps me to stay connected to my audience because I am the creator of all my posts. I directly engage with others on that platform and actually scroll my Newsfeed to stay updated on my peers' accomplishments. Children are my other audience. In my full time career as a therapist, I stay connected with them by providing Home Health on the West Side of Chicago. I service children ages, birth to three years old. They make my day interesting and keep me smiling. They actually are a major part of my reason “why”.

Lindrea: Wow! You often speak to your audiences about the importance of self-care. How have you incorporated this necessity into your own life's journey?

Kenyatta: Yes! Speak it! Now this is something that I am extremely passionate about. I currently find that I decompress the most when I am attending live plays and musicals. I am forced to put down my phone and fully immerse myself in the arts, which I am so appreciative of. I am also big on movies, reflexology, traveling, and good food. I do practice some form of self-care on a weekly basis because I know that, in order to continue to give of myself at such a high level, it is necessary that I pour into myself. I also enjoy spending time with my friends, family, and God. All of these things keep me operating at a level that I can be proud of. Finally, I started a private group in Chicago with the main focus being on Self-care for High Performing women to give them at least a once a month setting where they can relax around other positive women. I also am able to expose them to some hidden gems in Chicago.

Lindrea: You mentioned earlier that children are your other audience. What inspired you to write the Violet Book Series?

Kenyatta: That’s a great question. I was seeking answers from God, regarding my Purpose. He said, “You remember that book I told you to write?” Well, I work with children so it was only natural then to write a Children’s Book. I wrote two versions originally. I shared it with a friend. That is where the “Series” was born. I simply followed what felt like the next natural step, praying along the way, and everything had a snowball effect. The Violet Book Series honestly has a life of its own where, at times, I feel like I am working to keep up with the gift!

Lindrea: If you could choose any person, who would you love to creatively collaborate with on a project and why?

Kenyatta: Currently, my biggest dream is to be connected to the Buyer for the gift store at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. To see my book on those shelves, alongside OUR past and present history would be EVERYTHING!!

Lindrea: What is that one thing that keeps you motivated?

Kenyatta: My Obedience to God. He has placed these gifts inside of me and his only requirement of me is that I do the work. I know there are people who are inspired and motivated by my story. I know there are children who see a little bit of Violet in themselves. I know there are Women and Men afraid to stand in their truth of Celibacy. God has placed me here for specific purposes and I would be remiss in not following through. “My life is God’s gift to me. What I do with it is my gift to God.”

Lindrea: With your growing popularity and desire to stay obedience to God, how do you manage your brand’s reputation?

Kenyatta: I strongly believe in the power of outsourcing and delegating where necessary. I think that, as you grow, your brand will continue to grow with you. It’s important to be fluid in that aspect. Companies consistently go through a process known as “rebranding” and that's ok. As your audience expands and changes, you must be willing to change with it, as long as you are not compromising the core values of your brand. I pray that my reputation of my brand be consistently aligned with and identified as it being one that is rooted in faith.

Lindrea: What advice would you give to someone who is starting to build their brand?

Kenyatta: I would advise them to be patient with themselves in the process, realizing that there is a learning curve. It is also very important that they get connected to individuals whomare were they are seeking to be and utilize them as Mentors and sounding boards. Create a plan of action for consistent branding. Also, don’t be afraid to delegate and source out. Finally, and this is a personal one for me, pray.

Lindrea: What’s next for Kenyatta?

Kenyatta: Whew, a lot! I am tired thinking of it but also excited to see what the future holds. I am going on a National Tour this Summer 2018 with my new “Baby”, “The Sprinkle of Love”. These are Masterclasses. I will be visiting major cities such as New York, D.C., Atlanta, and L.A. I also have a new book coming out, “I’m Everyone’s Type”, which is currently available for Pre-Sale on Amazon.com “The Violet Book Series” will also be participating in the Nationwide tour so I will have something for adults and children. The 2nd book in the series should also be set to drop towards the end of this year. On top of that, I am a Literacy Coach, working in CPS schools where I create the programming. I facilitate Workshops, Trainings, and 8 week classes. Not to mention the Motivational Speaking Engagements I am consistently booked for.

This is everything I am currently aware of for 2018 however, I always leave a little room for something I refer to as “God margin”. What this means is, do not be surprised if you go to check out my Social Media or Website later this year, only to learn that something new has been added. I keep my ear to the ground, listening to the voice of the people and my hands raised to the sky, in total submission to God.

Thank you for this interview and your time. The questions were amazing. To God be all the glory. I pray that someone is blessed by my sharing.

Lindrea: Thank you Kenyatta for being using your creativity to inpsire others!


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