There's nothing like inspiring others to be their best selves. Timothy Jones's makes this his daily purpose. He's a keynote speaker, community advocate, and out of the box thinker, who gains his creative fuel by influencing others to 'leave no potential on the table'. He is currently the Executive Director of Good News Partners and a sought-after speaker for engagements that address social issues. Check out my interview with this exceptional leader.


LINDREA: Who has influenced you and how has he or she impacted your journey to success? 

TIMOTHY JONES: My mom is the most resilient person I know, she has experienced so much and withstood it all and never complains. I get my mental toughness and compassion from her.

LINDREA: What inspired you to lead Good News Partners? How did that opportunity come about? 

TIMOTHY JONES: Good News Partners is filling a gap that needs to be filled in the city of Chicago--providing affordable housing to those in transition (the homeless). I'm a leader that enjoys the challenge of ending social wrongs and not managing social wrongs and this was the perfect opportunity for me to do so. It's an opportunity that allows me merge my passion for social justice with my business acumen and it came at the perfect time. The opportunity came about as I was completing Business School at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. During the program I had conversations with a lot of leaders about joining their organization and how my skill set could impact their mission. Of all those opportunities, Good News Partners made the most sense for this stage of my leadership journey.

LINDREA: How does it feel when you and your team have added a new chapter to a family's story and have changed their lives? 

TIMOTHY JONES: Everyone on the team, no matter their role--their number one responsibility is to help our residents see their future self. 500 residents a year are serviced by Good News Partners and  no matter if it's one of the women or children in our Shelter or one of the men from our Single Room Occupancy hotel. We are committed to providing the tools that will help our residents see and build towards their future self. Nothing compares to the intrinsic reward of helping them see their future self and placing them on a new path in life.

LINDREA: Along with being an influential thought-leader and a non-profit executive, you're also a father. How do you balance growing your professional brand along with managing your home life? 

TIMOTHY JONES: When I retire I won't retire to a life with my job, I will retire to a life with my family and I make sure my presence in the life of my girls is bigger than my presence in culture. I want to be a better father more than I want to be anything, so that commitment comes first. Also,  for me it's more of a blend than a balance. My family calendar and work calendar sit side by side as I plan my days.  

LINDREA: Has there been challenges along your journey that have forced you to creatively readjust in order to reach your goals? 

TIMOTHY JONES: Turns in life cause us all to re-calibrate and re-adjust, my journey has been no different from anyone else. The dissolving of my marriage has caused the greatest re-calibration; in good and bad ways. I see setbacks for what they really are, they are really slingshots. Challenges are meant to catapult us to our goals, not constrain us from reaching our goals. I used this turn in life to catapult me into the season I'm in now, which caused me to set higher, more uncomfortable goals.

LINDREA: What should your audiences expect when they meet Tim Jones for the first time? 

TIMOTHY JONES: For me to be really present, my highest priority right now is the person or thing in front of me. Nothing else matters, and that's really hard because I am addicted to my phone and the fear of missing out. Not only will I be present, but they will get my very best.

LINDREA: What’s next for Tim Jones? 

TIMOTHY JONES: I'm just sticking to my plan of God, Hustle & Relationships. The possibilities are endless as a result.

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