I'm always game for a good creative collaboration. I interviewed five amazing women who teamed up to start a lifestyle blog, Besties and Brunch. These women are sharing their stories to inspire women to live their best lives. Take a peek.

LINDREA: What is Besties and Brunch and who is your audience? 

BESTIES AND BRUNCH: Besties and Brunch is a lifestyle blog of 5 best friends from Chicago who each share their personal journeys and skills to empower others how to be the best version of themselves. We provide food for the soul to women of color ages 25-45 who are redefining what it means to live their best lives through meaningful content featuring beauty, style, wellness, career, travel and more. 

We share our personal journeys, skills, and authentic points of view to our audience as we would do with each other.  Our vision is to be a girlfriend to our audience, to expose her to innovative experiences and information that will add value to her life. As a result, she will feel inspired, connected, hopeful, beautiful and bold. 

LINDREA: I think the idea of Best friends coming together to inspire others is not only a great idea, but your brand is also authentic? Who had the idea to team up to start the blog and why did you think it was important to your audience(s) to hear from you?

BESTIES AND BRUNCH: The 5 of us have been besties for 20+ years, which is rare. We’ve always been intrigued by the reactions of old friends who are astonished after learning that we remained close. I [Eboni] thought, there clearly must be something to this! That something was how we supported and celebrated each other throughout life experiences. Why not use this to help other women? 

The idea to create a blog originated from the beliefs that (1) our long-term friendship was of value to share and (2) that each of my besties had a skill and perspective that would be of value to women our age who are going through similar life experiences. At the time of the idea, there were very few blogs that offered varying journeys and content from a group of friends. Besties and Brunch was on a mission to fill this gap. The positive, truthful image of our friendship would also help diminish the stereotype of African-American female friendships portrayed in mainstream media as unsupportive, mean, and untrustworthy. In 2015, we worked on this idea and, boom!, Besties and Brunch, LLC was born! Collaboration, not competition was the key. Our desire is to create a seat at the table for women to share what they each have to offer to the world and be celebrated. 

LINDREA:  Do you find challenges with working together? If so, how have you overcome those challenges? 

BESTIES AND BRUNCH: With 5 different opinionated women, we definitely have challenges (lol). Everyone’s voice wants to be heard and we often each have different ideas to execute. The best way to overcome challenges is to always go back to our mission. If it doesn’t fit within the mission, we don’t do it. And we always put our friendship first, business comes second. 

LINDREA: Besties and Brunch has gained a great following in less than 2 years of launching, why is that? 

BESTIES AND BRUNCH: The audience we’ve built has been due to consistency and listening. Many ideas fall through because people usually don’t follow through or remain consistent but we’ve tried our best to provide consistent, meaningful content based on what our audience likes. We listen to their feedback and pay attention to our most popular posts so we can provide more of it.  

LINDREA: What advice would you give to up and coming bloggers? 

BESTIES AND BRUNCH: Launch! Don’t be afraid. Just do it. Execute that idea. Share your story. A year from now you’ll be so glad you did. 

LINDREA: What’s next for Besties and Brunch? 

BESTIES AND BRUNCH: Brunch tours to expand our brand and connect with the audience we've built in other cities such as D.C., Atlanta, and Houston!



To empower your life and follow the journeys of these bold and beautiful women, visit Besties and Brunch.