The above image is my personal affirmation that motivates me daily. I don't believe you should wait for someone to tell you who are you. Say it, believe it and OWN IT. 

Everyone has the ability to provide transformative ideas that can impact the world or even just change the culture at your workplace (now that can result in some dynamic teamwork to potentially change the world...think about it!). Sometimes it just takes some creative inspiration or a little collaboration to bring a voice to your vision...just know that it deserves to be heard and executed:-)

With more than 10 years of experience in the marketing industry, I believe that creativity is the key to connecting brands and persons to their audiences. I've had the privilege of collaborating on integrated marketing campaigns for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations on a national level. Rather it's creative storytelling or an innovative concept, creativity is the key to any brand (personal or professional) rising high and being an anomaly in their chosen industry. To stand out in your industry, passion must complement expertise. When experienced professionals lack the passion or forethought to creatively think outside of the box to take their brands to the next level, complacency arrives and brand elevation stops. Creative complacency is a disease...but it's curable. Acting on our dreams in a radical way can cure that disease.

As a day dreamer, I've learned to accept that sometimes I ponder momentarily and I speak to myself. I often pause in the middle of the day to encourage myself to pursue uncomfortable conversations, move on unconventional ideas or encourage someone else to do the same. I whisper my ideas and mumble the next steps. I've found that when I speak it, I retain it, then I write the vision and make it plain! My hope is that through my site and our digital interactions, I can be your creative partner and encourage you to do the same; be YOU, A CREATIVE, THOUGHT TRANSFORMER, BRAVE and FEARLESS. Let's GROW and SHINE together. Let’s get to work!


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